"Walk the Vote" Fashion Show 11/1/08

I arrived at the Ivar in Hollywood a few minutes til 9pm, when the doors were scheduled to open. They were still setting up, but I was immediately introduced to Dionna Harris, CEO of The Styling Agency. She was bubbly and very hospitable. She ushered me in and I stood back, watching the models rehearse the last-minute walk through and other goings-on.

     The fashion show started around 10:30pm, with an introduction by Dionna and a performance by Shawn Chrystopher, pumping up the already anxious club-goers. Since this was an American theme show and the election is a few days away, the first ‘scene’ of the fashion show was “The American Dream”, which Harris describes as America before the Bush Administration. It was only appropriate for the first model to be wearing a toga style dress of red and white stripes and blue stars. The following models wore basic tees, denim and jackets, while sticking to the red, white and blue color palette. The second ‘scene’ was “War in Iraq”. This scene was comprised of a somewhat controversal yet captivating show of models wearing scarves over their faces and wearing coats; some welding toy guns. Harris’s inspiration was the War in Iraq and of course, the Iraqis themselves. The third and final ‘scene’ of the show is “Peace and the Resurrection”.  Models in haute couture gowns walked down the runway and dropping their ‘vote’ in the ballot box at the end of the runway. Harris describes her inspiration for this finale, that it is the peace and resurrection of something new….For “hope of beauty…and change for the better…prosperity…” Actress Kayley Gable wowed the audience in one of Max Nugus’s Haute Couture gowns.

The Styling Agency is a FASHION MOVEMENT…A MOVING BODY THAT IS STILL GROWING AND PROSPERING…”Check us out, or be left behind!”

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