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Sewing Studio Fashion Show
Unique Los Angeles/Urban Outfitters Mini-Market
Ford Fiesta Fashion Shows & Photo Shoots

Sewing Studio Fashion Show


Pasadena’s own Sewing Studio was putting on it’s student fashion show. The runway and seating were set up in the lobby of the Workshops Building on Fair Oaks. It was a small space but they made it work. Before the show, the band was playing and light appetizers were being served. The hostess/MC for the show, Mrs. Corrie Osuna, a teacher at FIDM and the designer of the line, David-Soloman Clothing (named after her son), raffled off gift certificates from Salon Sessions and Elements Kitchen.
The show was very upbeat, featuring designers themselves, ranging from small children to teens, dancing down the runway in their skirts, dresses, pjs and tees. I know that I went to FIDM myself and had all the sewing classes, which still wasn’t enough…. But by the looks of the garments worn by the students younger than me…..Looks like I’m going to have to make time to attend the sewing classes, taught by the CEO of Sewing Studio, Cynthia Harvey!

Special Thanks: Elements Kitchen, FIDM, The Sewing Studio, e.l.f (eyes. lips. face), Salon Sessions (Joseph Rene), Rebekka Lien and of course, the student designers themselves!!

NOTE: To contact Sewing Studio, 107 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite 328. Pasadena, CA 91105 or 626-795-9494. You can view Corrie’s line at!

Unique Los Angeles/Urban Outfitters Mini-Market

It was an exceptionally beautiful, yet hot day in Hollywood when Sonja Rasula had her first Unique Los Angeles + Urban Outfitters Mini-Market held on the Space 15 Twenty parking lot; which was also sharing the space with the Hollywood Farmers Market.
The event showcased 60 local designers, including some familiar ones from the Unique Los Angeles Shows. My friend, Liz Abbott of Leatherette Heart was showing her line, including her famous MJ Mugshot tees…Liz was wearing the logo on a dress….I’m hoping she will start manufacturing the MJ dresses soon, because I want to snatch one up. Leatheretteheart is on and facebook!
Julia LoVan was also there, selling her dresses, tees and totes. She had recently showed her collection at Project Ethos: Lift Off…(unfortunately, I was out of town for the event) and had an album with the dresses, which are one-of-a-kind and made from recycled clothing. You can contact her at: or shop her wares at
Julia introduced me to the designers of the jewelry line, Avery Jasper, Aurelie Davis and Jill Green. They offered jewelry made from bullet casings and one necklace I was particularly fond of is the Key Necklace… A long necklace with a vintage key at the end….this should be staple to very Angelena’s wardrobe. My other favs were the necklaces with the religious pendents. Check them out at
The other familiar brands that were there: Rojas, SeaPony, myfriendroze, Elisa Gonsalves, Voz Clothing & Art and others. The above brands contact information can be found at the previous Unique Los Angeles posts.

Ford Fiesta Fashion Shows & Photo Shoots

The Ford Fiesta Agents: Parris Harris and YogaArmy designers, Sebastian St. George and Sandy Wee took the month of July by storm during their Mission 3. There were four red carpets, three runways and a plethora of photo shoots. They collaborated together to create ten major events held at major Hollywood venues: Greendoor, Kress, Ivar, Avalon, Lucky Strike Lanes, Aqua Lounge and a two-day event in downtown at the Standford Mart. Designers that participated in the events were: YogaArmy, Kami Shade, Parris Harris, David Kahn Jeans, Rock Revival and yours truly, LA Snob. The Ford Fiesta Team also collaborated with Brandy Sanders of Kierrah Foundation that helps young women who have been in the foster care system but due to their age, were taken out; to be able to find work and housing. For more information: please visit For more information on the brands, check out:

Note: Sebastian St. George and Vincent Villicano won two Telly Awards for a Bud commercial.

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