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Moonfest Fashion Show

Moonfest Fashion Show

This past weekend, the Asian community of the City of Industry held their 12th annual Asian Moon Festival in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall. The festival also featured a fashion show that was put on to showcase the creativity and energy  of the community’s youth.

The event, sponsored by Yes Marketing Group, coordinated by Helen Wang and assisted by my friend, Cathy Lin (who graciously told me about this event and who modeled one of my designs) showcased ten children, ten female and four male models who sported one garment in casual and formal wear.

Cathy’s casual wear of choice was Hawaiian-themed…Orange tank top, a purple tie-dyed mini skirt, purple heels, long necklaces with a bright pink lei attached to the bottom and worn at the hip and a fun, croqueted beanie cap with a tropical flower pinned at the side. She wanted her ensemble to represent an outgoing, fashionable beach girl, with a “Just relax (as you’re taking a vacation) attitude. Her formal wear was one of my designs, my “famous” ‘BMW Dress’, which she styled with a black belt, high black boots, sunglasses and leopard-print crop jacket. She wanted to represent a high-class and high-fashion girl with a “I am who I wear” attitude.

The show went smoothly. The kids went first, followed by the adults and then the guys. It was very well-choreographed and did, indeed show their sense of style and creativity….

SPECIAL THANKS: The make-up team (shout-out to Angel and Yo-Yo) at ABC Alhambra Beauty College  **Contact Jennifer Hong at (626)282-7765, 200 W. Main St. Alhambra, CA 91801; Walnut City Chinese American Students Parents Association (Helen Wang- Fashion Show Coordinator and Cathy Lin- Assistant Fashion Show Coordinator); Yes Marketing Group ** for sponsoring the event; the models ; J; Puente Hills Mall

NOTE: Assistant Fashion Show Coordinator Cathy Lin, mentioned that “everyone worked so hard. It was an excellent show.” She would like to thank all the models because they deserve a big applause.

Female models: Cathy Lin, Cynthia Wu, Diana Wang, Diana Wu, Jade Chen, Christine Pen, Jennifer Liu, Karishma Mehta, Kavita Mehta, Veronica Chen, Vivian Wu      

Male models: Brandon Wang, Eddie Shih, Howard Tang, Justin Yoo    

Child models: Claire Ku, Erika Chen, Florrie Chen, Gabriel Voss, Julia Kan, Krysty Law, Laura Zhang, Niu-Niu Tang, Tony Voss                 




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