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Kristinit/ Anita Arze Trunk Show
House of Diehl's "STYLE WARS"
FGILA Presents: "Meet the Power Players of Fashion"

Kristinit/ Anita Arze Trunk Show

It was a beautiful LA day when eco-friendly designers Kristina Lenss and Anita Arze hosted a trunk show and sample sale at the House of Love and Luck on La Cienega. I had the opportunity to glimpse and purchase (at a ridiculous 70% off) their Spring 2010 collections, while also enjoying yummy treats and drinks and drooling over the vintage jewelry that was offered at the House of Love and Luck. The designers will donate a percentage from each garment sold would benefit the Pachamama Alliance- whose missions are “to preserve the Earth’s tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are its natural custodians” and “to contribute to the creation of a new global vision of equity and sustainability for all.”

A little about the designers:

Kristina Lenss- designer of Kristinit. She designs with not just style in mind, but the environment as well. She uses organic fabrics, local manufacturing and fair trade. Her inspirations come from nature, love and life. Named “One to Watch” by Lucky Magazine, she is a favorite among celebrities like: Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johansson, Zoe Deschanel, and Finola Hughes. I tried on a couple of her pieces and adored them. One of which is a cute brown babydoll dress with sweetheart neckline with lace inserts, ruffled straps and pockets. This dress was inspired by vintage lingerie of the 30’s and made from organic cotton/cupro blend. The lace inserts along the neckline were handmade by coop women in Brazil, which allows them to preserve their traditional weaving skills and provides them with work. The dress retails for $375. For more information on Kristinit, go to, or email her at and she is also on Facebook!

Anita Arze-Designer of Anita Arze Collection. Anita looks back to her cultural roots of Bolivia to get inspiration for her eco-conscious line of ponchos, wraps, cover-ups, etc. Her mission is to ‘drive sustainable employment in developing countries.’ Her garments are made from Peruvian Pima Cotton and alpaca and are either hand-crocheted or hand-knit. The knitted masterpieces are well-made and would be great worn from day-to-evening. For more information, please go to or email her at

SPECIAL THANKS: House of Love and Luck (, J, Anita Arze, Kristina Lenss, Erin (Eba) Weber, and Pachamama Alliance (

House of Diehl's "STYLE WARS"

 “Fuck ready-to-wear; Get ready to rumble! STYLE WARS is back!”

On November 17th, I participated in Style Wars, held at Cinespace in Hollywood. I found out about the  design competition from my friend, milliner Anita Hopkins ( The concept is to create a garment, relative to the theme that is chosen for you on stage in FIVE MINUTES…Yes, you heard me correctly…F-I-V-E. Though five minutes may not seem like a long time, but believe me, it is. I, along with seven others (some had teams, others, like myself, didn’t) competed on stage…using duck tape, beads, table cloths, kitchen utensils, fabric and material from home…anything…for five heart-pounding minutes. However, there were two rules: garment must be constructed in those five minutes and no pre-designed materials. Afterwards, we were judged by Blake Lewis, Miguel De La Barracuda and Djak Azran. Then there were those who went on to two more rounds before determining the winner, who on November 17th…the LA winner was Victor Wilde. 

       This concept of style meets mayhem was the brainchild of husband-and-wife team MJ Diehl and Roman Milisic. It came from their original idea of the “Instant Couture” approach to fashion. According to Roman, “A deconstructionist fashion philosophy, where the creation process- the time, the place, the people- was as important as the designs themselves. Style Wars was a way to take that and use it to create opportunities for young designers, and give them national visibility.” This duo is amazing. While at the night-before meeting, I learned a couple ways to turn a pair of jeans into a bolero and a men’s button-down into a halter dress. After introducing the show, the couple then took a model, wearing a drab orange dress, tore it off her and turned a dozen-or-so hangers into a futuristic dress. I was blown-away watching them and how fast they worked and created.

The whole experience was pretty awesome. I will most likely be doing it again next year….this time with a team! 

SPECIAL THANKS: Cinespace, J, Anita Hopkins, MJ Diehl, Roman Milisic, Grace Models, the judges, the competitors: Paul Magalad, Victor Wilde, Briana Gonzalez, Lizz Wasserman, myself, DeeDee Hopkins and Johanna Zuckerman, the hair and make-up team, MAC, Surface Magazine, Lemondrop and DIM MAK DJs. For more info on STYLE WARS and perhaps enter the competition as well, go to 


FGILA Presents: "Meet the Power Players of Fashion"

I attended the Fashion Group International’s “Meet the Power Players of Fashion”, a panel of fashion bloggers and editors who discussed ‘who starts the trends? Are they created online? Through blogs or tweets? Etc…’; which took place at BoxEight Studios in downtown LA. Introduced by John Arguelles; Susan Stein, fashion editor at Palm Springs Life Magazine moderated the dialogue between Jayne Seward- Fashion Editor at Apparel News, Laurie Pike- Style Editor at Los Angeles Magazine, Erin Weinger- Publisher and Co-Founder of Style Section LA, Kristen Calavas- President and Co-Founder of and Tasha Adams- Editor/Creator of

As a blogger and designer, I found it very informative. I was in awe that were are over 112 million blogs *according to Technorati December 2007* and *according to WWD* over 2 million fashion blogs in 2006. 

Susan asked questions like, “What is a trend?”, “What types of mediums (print, magazines or social networks *twitter or facebook*) has the most influence over trends?”, “Are trends and customer buying patterns the same thing? Who has the most influence over today’s consumer?”…etc…. I remember celebrities were brought up over having influence over today’s consumers… Lady Gaga, Brad & Angelina and Michelle Obama were particular celebrities mentioned. John also played the comedian for the evening, when the  topic of “Did you ever start a trend?” came up and one of the panelists mentioned bandanas, he went out of the room and came back in wearing a purple bandana (“gangsta-style” in my opinion), but nevertheless, very amusing.

The evening ended with a DVD of Spring 2010 runway trends from Paris, Milan and New York, courtesy of Marylou Luther- creative director at International Syndicate and the headquarters of FGI.  

SPECIAL THANKS: FGILA, John Arguelles, Jayne Seward (Apparel News and , Laurie Pike, Susan Stein, Tasha Adams, Kristen Calavas, Erin Weineger, Dorothy Woglom, Michele Bernard, Elizabeth Matthews, the crew at BoxEight Studios (1446 E. Washington Blvd. LA 90021), J, Emily Heintz, and Ilse Metchek. Check out for more information on Fashion Group International of Los Angeles.  

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