DIY Sweater Party at Deborah Lindquist's Studio

I attended a small party of DIYers at the North Hollywood studio of eco-friendly designer, Deborah Lindquist. The event was hosted by Lindquist and Taryn Hipwell of EcodivasTV. Party-goers needed to bring an old sweater and then they could chose appliques and do their own designing from recycled scraps of cashmere. Deborah also gave hands-on demos on various ways of implementing their designs . Depending on the intricacy of the appliques, prices ranged from $25-75, which is a great deal if you’re unable to afford the $375-500 price tag.

Both women thought it was a great idea to have a DIY event. According to Deborah, “I want to create a sense of playfulness and creativity in the group. I think it’s good timing because the economy is not back on track yet and we all need to support each other, have some fun and lighten up.”

While at the party, I had a chance to look at the design studio and browse the collections. I also had the chance to try on a couple gorgeous bustier dresses. Deborah has always been an eco-designer. Having graduated from Parsons then working her way into missy,  junior sleepwear and lingerie; followed by infant and toddler boys before starting her own business. She started with belts and jewelry for nine years then went on to vintage fabric jackets and bustiers. Now, she is known for vintage cashmere sweaters, bustiers and t-shirts (and also designs killer wedding gowns). She has quite a celebrity following, including: Sharon Stone, Pink, Keyshia Cole, Kelis, Wendie Mallick, Christina Aquilera and Gwen Stefani. The cashmere ranges from $90-700, t-shirts from $40-150 and wedding gowns from $700-3,000. She also now has a collection called “Green Queen” and is a line of organic cotton and is very affordable at $40 a shirt.

To get the inside scoop on future events (including more DIY parties) and other updates, sign up for Deborah’s mailing list. To find out more and shop the collection, go to The design studio and boutique is located at 5657 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood. Ph: (818)762-7199. Hours are Monday-Friday 9-5.

Special Thanks: J, Deborah Lindquist and Taryn Hipwell, as well as the guests!

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