Street Sweets @ Gallery Nucleus

Since I wasn’t going to Tokyo anytime soon to take on the culture and all things Harajuku and “kawaii” street style phenomenon…Tokyo decided to come stateside…to Alhambra in fact. The art exhibit, Sweet Streets took over the Gallery Nucleus with an art exhibit inspired by Japanese street style and fashion show by famed Harajuku label, 6%DokiDoki. Upon arrival at the gallery, there was a long line of ‘Lolitas’ and other Japanese underground “scenesters”. As a designer and visual person, just seeing the brightly accessorized outfits was very overwhelmingly exciting for me. Street Sweets was founded by Caro, an artist who thought it would be fun to bring fellow artists together in one room and get inspired while also having great conversation. As she put it, “creative expression inspired by other creative expression.” 6%DokiDoki’s designer- Sebastian Masuda produced the entire show…from being the DJ to choreographing the dances (the dances which mixed femininity and innocence with kawaii and sensuality). He explained (and translated by Emi Tamaru) that the line was founded in 1995 on the streets of Harajuku. Before the store sold apparel, it sold weird and wacky items. But all that turned around when he was inspired by the Harajuku fashionistas that wore their products. Over the years, 6%DokiDoki’s style and concept spread around the world like wild fire. Prices vary depending on the product: such as $40 for a tee but the average prices are between $20-100. The line is sold in Japan, San Francisco, Paris, London and the Czech Republic. The whole experience and vibe brought out all the “warm-and-fuzzies” in everyone that night. Now I’m even more inspired to jet off to Tokyo and discover all the fashion subcultures that Japan has to offer!!

Special Thanks: J, Gallery Nucleus (located at 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801, STORE 626.458.7482, GALLERY 626.458.7477, Hours: Sun-Thurs: 12pm-8pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm), Caro, Emi Tamaru, Sebastian Masuda, the models, Gallery Nucleus staff and Felix Salzman of LookbookLA, Sugarpill Cosmetics and Michelle Nguyen of I am Chubby Bunny (she makes killer accessories and was wearing her own design, an over-sized heart “My Little Pony” necklace)!

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