Fashion Week Featuring Cowgirl Heaven and Holly Waas

My friend, Houstina Summers held a fashion show at the AGENDA Loft during LA Fashion Week, along with Holly Waas. The lovely model and actress- Emma Zerner hosted the event. I was fortunate enough to own a couple CGH dresses and wore the mini light pink halter to the affair. First up was Indie designer Holly Waas, who showcased her line of fun tops, skirts and dresses. There was a short intermission and then the Cowgirl Heaven show started. Houstina’s collection, themed “Winter Love, Romance” had me saying “ooo and ahhh” as each model walked the runway. The collection has since continued to blossom since the first time I saw it a couple years back. It went from short halter dresses to strapless, spaghetti straps, jackets, tops and now- shoes! The shoe collection was fierce, with heels snazzed up with large pink jewels, flowers, spikes, feathers and pearls. According to Houstina, “I wanted to create a shoe line that will spark the imagination for your wardrobe.” Indeed, it will create a spark… I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them on Lady Gaga during the next Grammy awards red carpet. There really wasn’t one favorite piece in my opinion, because EVERY piece was amazing in its own right. Houstina’s favorite is the grey victorian jacket. She told me she already had a pile of orders for it. Prices for the collection range from $250-650. She has a studio in downtown LA and will be opening a flagship boutique with her sister and mother. The grand-opening is set for the art walk in April, so stay tuned! For more information, check out her website and blog.

Special Thanks: Arun Nevader of AGENDA Loft, Vivian Killilea of, Michael Wellington, Houstina Summers, Holly Waas and Emma Zerner.

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