Splendid Craft Day

This past Father’s Day was quite eventful! It was the grand opening for the Splendid store at The Grove and in conjunction with it being Father’s Day, they collaborated with Crafting Community and put together a craft day in the park for families. Crafting Community was founded by Karen Kimmel and Kid Concierge and focuses on reusing natural materials. The famous Splendid fabrics were the focal points for the workshops that day. I had fun being my creative self and created an “Infinity Scarf” with four different kinds of fabric at the ‘Sew Splendid Cart,’ made a funky fabric necklace, using their “Fun with Fabric” kits- which included three pieces of fabric and beads, three buttons-using different Splendid prints and lastly, made a Sun Print-which are patterns from objects that I picked out and placed on special paper. I had to lay the objects out the way I wanted and wait until the paper turned from blue to white (from the sun) and it created a fun print! Guests were also treated to lemonade and mini pies from Lemonade. I had the apple pie and it was delish! The folks at Now Flip This had a cute photo booth with props that people could goof around for several seconds and get their own personalized flip-books after. I also had the opportunity to pop into the new Splendid store, littered with their signature pieces-made from luxurious soft fabrics. It offered all the Splendid brands: Splendid, Splendid Mills, Splendid Mills JR., Splendid Girls and Splendid Littles. Check out the Splendid brand here!

Special Thanks: Jessica S. at Alexandra Malloy PR, Alexandra Malloy-Founder of Alexandra Malloy PR, Karen Kimmel of Kimmel Kids, Stacy Bernstein and Tait Chatmon of Kid Concierge, Suzanna and the rest of the lovely volunteers.

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