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Phoenix Fashion Week at the Talking Stick Resort- Day 2
Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort 2012- Day 1

Phoenix Fashion Week at the Talking Stick Resort- Day 2

Day two of the Phoenix Fashion Week show brought on a new variety of emerging and established designers. The list includes: JOI by Jewel Oribe, Madisonpark Collective, Jean Paul Jeune, Silvia Bours for the established and then Eye Thread, JHaus, Paulie Gibson and Sew Twisted for the emerging designer. Again, as I mentioned in day one the emerging designers are competing for that $10,000 prize package to help them successfully launch their brand. The Yelp Log-In Lounge was especially pleasant that evening, due to Massage Envy being in the house….um….can we say… SWOON?! Please forgive me, I forgot to mention other perks the lounge provided, like a charging station and an express manicure station set up by Teres Nail Bar. I was able to get in a five minute massage from Julia during one of the intermissions. Thank you Yelp Phx, Phoenix Fashion Week and Massage Envy for that service for media, because being in the pit with heels puts a strain on the back and that massage was bliss!

The first established designer of the evening was Los Angeles based JOI by Jewel Oribe. I am a fan of this line, which consisted of neutral knit basics, as well as flowy jumpsuits and dresses. Designer Jewel Oribe launched her brand in 2011 with the LA lifestyle in mind. This is that go-to brand that any girl can just effortlessly throw on and be chic without having to really add any accessories. The beachy silhouettes were fluid and flattering- perfect for the fashionista that has that busy lifestyle, but also likes to be casually chic with a hint of sporty appeal. Pair with a pair of oversize sunnies and you are good to go! Check out to shop and for any additional information that you might need.

Next up was Madisonpark Collective, a menswear brand that is also based in Los Angeles. Designer Trey Alligood showcased his Spring/Summer 2013 collection that was titled “Breaking Free.” According to Trey, “The inspiration stems from the hard times we have all faced in the last few years, and the hope that spring, will be the dawn of a new beginning. Supima cotton, open weave knits, fine gauge cashmere, lightweight chambray fabrics and soft pastel colors symbolize that hope. Geometric prints symbolize a new structure for the future, and heavily washed distressed denim symbolizes the hardships, pain, struggles we have endured, and the passion and determination it’s taken to get us where we are today.” This locally manufactured brand had a nicely cohesive collection, which consisted of layered pieces and then transitioned to bright airy basics. Prices for the collection range from $149- 995. Check out for further deets and to shop the collections.

Next up, Los Angeles-based Eye Thread presented their debut collection to us. They were actually the youngest brand at fashion week this year and they did rather well…presenting vintage-inspired dresses and a pretty rad pair of purple and black color-blocked leather shorts! Designers Ashleigh and Tim titled their collection “Keepsakes and Heirlooms,” which were inspired by a person’s individuality and uniqueness.”What inspired me to start EYE Thread is noticing the disconnect in fashion today. It seems we are told how to dress, or how we “should” look to fit in. I get inspired by everyone’s own individuality and so with EYE Thread, you are able to become your own designer. After our client selects a piece from our collection, we offer a variety of colors, leathers and fabrics to choose from and make it custom for you to express your existence…I wanted to design a collection that spoke to women, timeless pieces more or less that will be made to last generations. Essentially vintage for the future. This is why our luxury collection is constructed by certified Couture Artisans. I design everything, but in order to meet the quality and standards of luxury couture, I look to those who have been constructing for decades,” Ashleigh explained. The Eye Thread team strives to create garments that they hope the wearer will one day pass on as an heirloom. “We like to say that we bring luxury couture to the people. Instead of mothers now just passing down their wedding dress, they can pass down an EYE Thread piece and say ‘I met your father in this dress’, or ‘I wore this to my college graduation.'” Since the dress collection is customized to fit the wearer’s own measurements, price points range from $375-535 depending on the dress choice. For the leather pieces, prices run $670-740. They also showcased their Limited Edition Couture Handbags, which were made with luxury materials that were hand selected and purchased from American Small Business vendors all over the country. The handbags range from $345-740. They also did a screen print tee collection titled “Sharing Treasures,” showcasing original artwork that was drawn by local artists.The net proceeds from the purchase go to a variety of charities. The client has the opportunity to choose one of the four charities that Eye Thread has partnered with, to donate the money to. Prices range from $35-50 and each tee is made locally. Check out more information on this ethical brand via or their Facebook.

The next show -JHaus Denim- kicked off with an acoustic violin accompaniment of One Republic’s ” Apologize” by Jennifer Spags Spingola. This girl ROCKED that violin, getting myself and the audience revved up for Los Angles-based JHaus’s show. After that spectacular and rather moving exposition, the fashion show began. We were immersed in denim of multiple washes, colors and styles and were in awe at the two couture finale gowns; one made entirely from denim and the other burlap, twine and chicken wire. Designer JLynn Hausmann went back to her Midwestern roots to find inspiration. She also drew from her life growing up on a farm and ranch, taking things from home and integrating them into her designs. I also felt that the collection leading up to the finale had a very laid-back Midwestern feel but with a hint of that California recherche. Regarding the fantastic escapade with the violinist, JLynn shares, “We started off the show with the song ‘Apologize’ which for me is taking a negative into a positive and basically saying it’s too late for your apology. We than went into other songs and closed it with I feel so close to you right now and bringing all that positive energy together. Basically nothing is gonna stop us! “There’s no stopping us right now” were in the lyrics. Denim is difficult and there are so many difficult barriers and I believe in just working hard and when you get knocked down you get up and keep moving forward towards your goals.” Well, JLynn has surely reached her goals! The show was wonderful and that burlap dress was phenomenal! I look forward to seeing more from the designer in the future. Check out for additional deets!

Who says men can’t make a statement when they get dressed for the day?! That’s exactly what emerging menswear designer Paul Gibson had in mind when making his collection. The Paulie Gibson brand was launched this year (2012) with his Spring/Summer collection entitled “Bang Bang.” As Paulie explains about his collection, ” I like to say that its Sartorial Stimulation for the Modern Man…and it comes from my heart.” For Phoenix Fashion Week, he presented twelve looks from his Spring 2013 collection titled “Tribe.” Gibson was inspired by the history of tribal culture, ranging from Mongolian, African, Native American and Amazonean tribes. “I felt a strong concept of inclusion as I was researching and I interpreted that to mean that “You are one of us, if you look like this” – which I still feel is a very strong mindset of most people today. I wanted to shake that idea up and say we are all in the same tribe, lets celebrate how we are different.” Gibson’s collection was very unique and included a fun mixture of fabrics and textures. And I couldn’t agree more with Paulie’s final thoughts, “Fashion isn’t about just clothing. Fashion should make you feel good. All I want to do is to give people more options to be expressive through their apparel and ultimately lift their sprits when they get dressed. Fashion has brought me pure joy for as long as I can remember. I just want to make people feel good. Be yourself and express that in all that you do.” Life is too short to conform with the ‘norm.’ Even if you don’t put on a full Paulie Gibson ensemble, at least deck yourself out in one of his custom shirts with a great pair of jeans or vice-versa. Check out for additional information.

Emerging brand Sew Twisted was the next to be presented down the runway. Self-taught designer Brooke Reyes showcased looks that were somewhat based on her background in theater. Her brand is about creating chic yet functional clothing for the ‘everyday’ woman. Only two looks really stood out for me that evening… the white bustier top and the red draped gown with dramatic plunging back. Check out for further details.

Ah yes… more menswear…which made my job so much fun during PHXFW. Seeing the men stride down the runway in handsomely tailored suits, pants and button-downs. Phoenix-based designer Reza Ghayour’s (a.k.a Jean Paul Jeune) dazzled us with retro styling and silhouettes. I liked his use of prints and fabrics that I normally wouldn’t see on the average man, but when I saw it that evening, I found that it really worked. Ghayour also added in a few womenswear pieces as well. I could see 60s/70s influences in the dresses and also modern silhouettes in the separates. My faves were the yellow (very “Twiggy”) 60s style shift dress and the “hipster” crop pants with suspenders. Check out more deets on JPJ on

The last designer to present that evening was Sonora, Mexico-based Silvia Bours. This was definitely one of my favorite collections for fashion week. If you’ve ever drempt of having a tutu-esque, uber-feminine dress in your closet, then the Silvia Bours brand is for you! The theatrical dresses are a mix of ‘Marie Antoionette meets her girlie punk phase’, meets ‘the new Betsey Johnson of the millennium’ meets ‘blinged-out princess.’ I loved every dress that walked the runway and the detailing… everything down to the tulle skirts, trims, jewels, bows, draping and fruit prints…I can’t wait to see more from Silvia! Attention celebrity stylists, the red carpet needs more whimsical gowns on the red carpet..nudge..nudge.. Anway, be sure to check out for additional information.

Stay tuned for Day 3… the finale of Phoenix Fashion Week….

Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort 2012- Day 1

Whenever I travel to Phoenix, it’s always felt like a second home to me. So when I learned that I was able to attend their fashion week, I was beyond thrilled. The five days and three fashion-filled nights I was there unfortunately flew by like a whirlwind. But while there, I had the opportunity to see Hayley from LA-based Shop Excess Baggage, who was hosting a small trunk show that day I flew in. It was nice to see and connect with her, as I still have that inner longing for LA. I also met up with a great gal pal, Ms. Hannah H. from Heroine Chic Blog and did some thrifting and general catching up. But I wanted to thank my friends Britton and Will for allowing me to stay with them in beautiful Scottsdale for the five days I was there. I also wanted to share that this blogger (who is out of shape as far as climbing mountains) hiked 90% of Camelback Mountain with Britton and Will and it felt fucking fantastic!!! We ended the afternoon with an amazing lunch from Sweet Tomatoes (a.k.a Soup Plantation). And P.S…. still missing you Phoenix….

Ok…..So on with the show… Welcome to PHXFW Day 1 at the Talking Stick Resort. The shows were held outside and there was a Yelp Log-In Lounge especially for media, which helped out SO MUCH! There was a mix of established and emerging designers that evening. The line up was: Kent Denim, Mabella Chic, DaVinci, Cafe Bleu and Mariska for established designers. Living Dreams, OfraStyle, Shawl Dawls and Samantha Patterson for emerging designers competing for $10,000 worth of goods and services that would help them successfully launch their brand. Also that evening, local design student from Mesa Community College-Ashley Cooper was presented with a $1,000 fashion design scholarship for her innovative t-shirt design.

The first designer to showcase was LA-based Kent Denim. Models pounded down the runway, wearing denim obvi, which was styled in that effortless California casual style. I loved seeing crisp fitted jeans with their cuffs rolled up. As well as logo tees paired with dapper blazers. Kent Denim is proudly made in the USA. Check out for more information.

Next up was Mabella Chic, designed by Mabel Cortez. The line was launched in 2005 in Long Beach, CA. Models rocked on-trend dresses, pants, skirts and tops that are designed for the independent woman who isn’t afraid to express herself through fashion. My favorite piece was the chiffon multi-colored with stripes hi-low dress. Mabel was inspired by the woman who is constantly on-the-go but is still able to shine through the bright colors and lively fabrics of the garments. Cortez enjoys making garments that are sexy, yet comfortable and able to move in. Prices fore the line are an affordable $40-200. Please check out to shop and more general information.

The next menswear designer to showcase was another Los Angeles brand called DaVinci. The brand exhibited their ‘New Vintage Collection,’ which is geared for the young hipster type looking for that retro construction. Throughout the collection I witnessed Charlie Harper’s bowling shirts, shirts with skinny ties, tees styled with bow ties, some mix of plaid, stripes and flannel. This collection was exciting and I wish more men dared to dress like that. Check out more information and to shop the DaVinci collections, check out

Next up was the first menswear emerging designer, Scottsdale-based Living Dreams Clothing. The brand was launched in November 2011 (or 11/11/11 for good luck) by Michael Poulos to spread the message of “living your dreams” through his clothing line. As Michael explains, “Living Dreams believes we all have a dream inside ourselves. When that dreams becomes a reality through passion and hard work…that is Living Dreams!” During PHXFW, he showcased the Fall/Winter 2012 collections, which focused on ‘bringing out the color’ during the usually darker upcoming season. “With the primary seasons of Living Dreams being spring/ summer, it is up to us to translate our beach and summer feel into the seasons that we typically forget about the outdoor and warm days.” I personally love the colors and the quirky sayings that were screen printed on the tees premium quality t-shirts of 60% cotton/40% polyester blend. I think they are great for layering and do add a refreshing touch to the typical Fall/Winter drab colors. The tees retail for about $34, while hats retail for $30. To shop the collection and for more information, check out Living Dreams’s website. I’ll also leave you with this last quote by Michael, “It is never too late to start putting your own dreams into action in life and when what your passionate about is what you do for living, great things follow in terms of self-satisfaction and success. I have been blessed to this point in my life that I have the opportunity to do what I love for a living and would others to give it a try and the impact it has not only the individual, but the people you surround yourself with!”

Up next was the first womenswear line in the emerging designers division, Phoenix-based OfraStyle. The brand was launched just this year by Ofra Aricha and specializes in convertible clothing for women. The garments are adjustable and can be worn 2-3 ways and can go from casual in the daytime to chic and contemporary for an evening out. Each garment is soft and made so the wearer can easily move, dance or do yoga in; but can also efficiently transition into a sharp look for date night. Since I’m a fan of LBDs, I especially loved seeing the strapless knee-length and maxi black dresses that are made from Modal. The black garments are priced a littler higher due to the fabric. Ofra explains, “Modal is type of rayon textile made from fibers of the beech tree. Modal Fabric is something truly special because the fiber is very fine, natural, and it is considered the ultimate in softness. Modal is soft, smooth, and breathes well. It’s texture is similar to a super soft cotton or silk, and it’s advantage is it’s resistance to shrinkage. The fabric is also stays soft through repeated washings.” So ladies, this line is perfect for the gal-on- the -go or the gal who wants to look effortlessly fabulous at all times of the day, but still wants to watch her pennies. Prices range from $64.99 for the Convertible Tie Dye Short Dress, $79.99 for the Convertible Tie Dye Jumpsuit, $89.99 for the Convertible Tie Dye Long Dress. Prices for the black Modal garments are $79.99 for the Convertible Black Short Dress, $99.99 for the Convertible Black Jumpsuit, $109.99 for the Convertible Black Long Dress. To shop the line and additional information, go to

Next up was the Los Angeles-based Shawl Dawls, a line specializing in…you guessed it… shawls. But these aren’t your ‘run-of-the-mill’ shawls, they are a stylish essential to the everyday womens style. And can you believe that there are FIFTEEN or more ways to style the shawls?! I loved how the shawls were presented on the runway and gave me an idea that shawls don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be styled into a dress, cover-up, top or even wedding veil (which was stunning, FYI). According to designers Julie Cruz and Roshena Chadha, their inspiration for their PHXFW collection, “were largely inspired by the fabrics that we found and by elements of other styles and trends that we’ve seen out there. We essentially have two main bodies (short and long) and designed around them applying trends and details such as fringe and slits. And of course, we are huge on versatility – versatility in styling and versatility in the marketplace, creating styles that would appeal to all ages.” They have designed the shawls with the gal-on-the-go in mind (as in ‘throw it on and add a belt’ effortless’), as well as the everyday women, as it is ‘one size fits all’ and flatters every body type. Shawl Dawls is made in LA and retail from $38-98. Check out their ‘How To Style a Shawl” video here and shop the collection on  

The last of the emerging designers that evening was Samantha Patterson Designs. Designer Samantha Patterson, who just graduated from FIDM in LA in 2011 and as since had two successful collections; is a firm believer that you can still be just as fashionable while still dressing modestly. Her definition of modest dressing is “any clothing that covers the shoulders, goes down to just above the knee and avoids any plunging neckline.” Her Spring 2013 collection that she showed in Phoenix is all about movement, but without having to show too much skin. She achieved just that by construction her garments using certain techniques and by adding small details to accomplish that flirty movement she was hoping for. I adored this collection…yes, it was modest..but it was smartly modest and on-trend. I could find a few ways to wear the floral maxi dress or the floral harem-esque pants. Her prices range from $50-250. Check out for further deets!

Next up was another established menswear designer called Cafe Bleu, designed by Vince Gonzales. Well-groomed models promenaded down the runway in well-tailored shirts and blazers that were a mixture of solids and unique patterns. The designs are inspired by vintage Carnaby Street in London and produced in Istanbul, Turkey. The company only uses hand-tailored stitching, 60s singles cotton and the finest European buttons when manufacturing the collections. Ladies, they just launched a womens collection during Spring 2012. Check out for more info, including info on their signature “Evil Eye” label.

The last of the designers that evening was another Los Angeles designer- Mariska. The name ‘Mariska’ is Hungarian for ‘Maria,’ which pays homage to the designer Mariska Janossy’s heritage. The line conveys a retro vibe with modern silhouettes. The brand prides itself on producing small quantities right in the heart of downtown LA, with quality in mind. To shop the collection and find additional information, please go to When you first get to the website, a cool video with a model “getting ready for a date” trying on different looks from the collection and dancing to rhythmic beats of tambourines, instantly starts playing. I like how it gives us an idea of how the clothes look on and while in motion.

Stay tuned for Day 2…..

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