Zink Grand Opening- Austin

I attended the opening of Zink, a boutique that specializes in upscale luggage, handbags and some accessories-that’s located in the Jefferson Square shopping center off of 38th St. in Austin. I was loving the antique and rustic visual displays that brought out the bold prints and colors of the bags. The brand was founded by Ben Freedland and is named after his Grandfather- Robert Zink, an award-winning Nantucket basket weaver. Zink is based on the heritage New England craftsmanship and timeless techniques from all over the world. According to Ben, “The journey of Zink might have begun in New England, but it continues to traverse the globe: To Italy, for superb canvas in a rainbow of magnificent hues. To South America, for stunning textiles hand-loomed by artisans practicing age-old traditions. To Southeast Asia, for indigo fabrics and naturally dyed textiles. To rural Japan, for the finest organic cotton. These are just some of the elements that go into creating Zink’s meticulously crafted, timeless designs: the very fundamentals of chic adventure.”

Upon viewing these bags, I concluded that they are flawless (think right up there with Hermes). The color palettes are rich and the prints take the wearer on a journey through foreign lands, where tribes centuries old flourish. They have collaborated with Indego Africa and have produced lovely totes, Japan for handmade scarves using the ancient Shibori dyeing technique that dates back to the eighth century and Thailand for numerous products and techniques. Prices range from $85 for a tote in their Indego Africa collaboration, a naturally dyed scarf/shawl for $135 and up to $1,795 for the Crocodile Tote. My faves were the ‘Steamship Totes’ and the ‘Crocodile Clutch.’ Their new ‘made in the USA’ leather bag collection will start at $1,295. So the next time you are in the mood to journey off to some faraway land and need to pack your bags- keep Zink in mind! Check out zinkstore.com for additional information.

Huge thanks to Ben, Tori and Olive & June for small bites, sweets by Macarons by Jane and Orange+ Basil skinny tea cocktails.

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