Boudoir Queen Line Viewing Party at Wanderlust Boutique

I braved the cold and headed out the Boudoir Queen line viewing at Wanderlust Boutique during the holidays. Now when I mean “braving the cold”, I mean taking off my warm coat before heading into the venue and only wearing my short-sleeved dress because a. the dress was my spur-of-the-moment wardrobe decision and it just fit too well to pass up and b. the coat did NOT match the wardrobe. I tell you, what we gals do in the name of fashion… But anyway, before I get too off-topic… The boutique was pretty crowded, but the area where we viewed the collection was the opposite. It was held in the gallery section of the boutique. I thoroughly enjoyed touching and seeing the collection up close (since I viewed it during Austin Fashion Week). Delicious sweets and macaroons were also served. The line’s designer- Dawn Younger-Smith was the star of the hour, signing autographs, taking pictures and mingling with guests. Lovely models graced us, dressed in ethereal Boudoir Queen and showcasing the brand’s newest headpieces. Dawn even got some of us local bloggers together to try on 20s-inspired dainty caps and gather for group photos (which are on the Boudoir Queen Facebook Page). It was a whimsical evening that left me having closet envy, as I’d just adore having some of the Boudoir Queen dresses hanging in my wardrobe, ready to be worn for the next party.

Huge thanks to: Wanderlust Boutique; Dawn and Mark Younger-Smith; models: Callisto, Sarah and Cali.

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