Preview of Sue Wong's "Great Gatsby" Fall '13 Collection- Los Angeles

You walk into the mansion- built during the time of Hollywood’s “Golden Age” and step into the sweeping living room, furnished in exquisite antiquities. You see guests dressed in 1920s style ensembles. You step out onto the patio, where on the many tables, wonderfully presented appetizers and gorgeous cakes await your discerning pallet. No folks, you are not are at The Cedars- home of iconic Los Angeles designer- Sue Wong. Sue was presenting her Fall 2013 collection, which was inspired by The Great Gatsby to an intimate crowd of leading celebrities, artists, entertainment and fashion industry insiders (it was also the celebration of her birthday). My friend and I were excited to attend and see the collection that evening, which consisted of informal modeling, mingling and touring the palatial Loz Feliz home. The gowns exuded the essence of the coquettish Flapper and the splendor of the Art Deco era while showcasing signature detailing that is very significant of the Sue Wong brand, including: delicate hand beading, intricate embroidery, appliqué, animal prints and timeless silhouettes. Models also paired the gowns with amazing statement jewelry from Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry. Towards the end of the evening, guests sang and wished Sue ‘happy birthday’ and were serenaded by Israeli opera singer- Michael Peer. It was such a fun evening…an evening where all worries were lifted and it felt that for those few brief hours, one could indulge in the fantasies of a rich, bygone era.

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Happy Birthday Sue!!

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