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My dear readers, I’d like to introduce an eyewear brand that’s pretty popular on the East Coast (because they’re designed in Brooklyn and crafted in Japan) and need more attention here on the West Coast. I was excited when the company’s co-founder Anthony Codispoti reached out to me and lent me a pair of their signature aviators to try out and learn more about the brand, called Activist Eyewear. Anthony’s business partner Mark Craig had been designing eyewear for ten years. During that period, as he had worked with high-end markets, as well as high-performance markets; he realized that nothing was being done to bridge these two worlds of style and performance. So, he and Anthony decided to start-up an eyewear company to provide eyewear that looks as good as it performs. Anthony explains their ideal consumer, known as the ‘dapper outdoorsman,’ “He works hard, plays hard and explores the world in all his pursuits. He needs gear to keep up with him and refuses to compromise on style in the process.” Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking…’What about female consumers?’ Activist Eyewear may gear mostly to men, but the glasses are unisex. I happen to like the aviators and wayfarers, which are also the brand’s best-sellers. So, the glasses come with a nifty protective case made from American-made waxed canvas. [The company that makes the canvas has been making the canvas that has been used in ship sails for two-hundred years.] They also come with a lovely micro-fiber cloth with their AE logo in a repeating pattern. If you purchase the wayfarers, you’ll receive two lanyards (otherwise, you must purchase them separately for $10). When looked at closely, the weave on the lanyards is custom-made with their signature Morse Code pattern. The glasses are fragile, but rather unique and offer little hidden tidbits, such as: the fingerprint texture on the nosepads. The print is actually Mark’s thumbprint. Along with providing extra grip, it’s also the artist’s signature. Unlike the usual curved ear rest on other glasses, AE uses ‘Split-Fit’ technology, which makes eases tension and pressure near the ears and temples. When I was wearing them, I could feel the difference in comfort and secure fit. So friends, definitely check out Activist Eyewear and snatch up your pair fast, because they only make each 718 of each colorway worldwide.

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