"Blondes Make Better T-Shirts" Tee

I’m sure ya’ll have heard of the infamous “blonde” jokes….Well, now you have the chance to wear a label that I’m sure will bring some humorous conversations to the table. The eco-friendly line was created by Norwegian designer- Lise Ellingsen, herself, a blonde. I met the rep for the line, the lovely Miss Neely and she went over the different cuts, fits and designs of the tees. I learned that the line only uses 100% sustainable and sweatshop-free fabrics, produced right here in sunny California. One of their most popular fabrics is Promodal, made from 40% beech tree and 60% eucalyptus tree. They have also used fabrics comprised of 50% recycled plastic bottles that are mixed with organic cottons. She also was pointing out the comical names for the tees, for example: the “Oops” tee, featuring one style with a burnt iron mark, a lipstick stain, etc. There’s one tee with a pocket at the bust and an ‘ink stain’ at the bottom of the pocket. This tee is aptly named: the “Ink Spill” tee. There are also “Blonde Moment” tees, like the one Neely graciously gifted me to review. Mine is called the “Bike” tee. There’s a snapshot of a blonde chick um…locking her bike to a post…or uh…lack thereof… My tee is an x-tra small and fits like a small/medium. The material is super-soft and comfy, like a baby’s blanket. For more t-shirt options, photos, “blonde tips”, etc., check out Blondes Make Better T-Shirts! This is the epitome of SoCal chic!

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