Cheeky Green Eco-Friendly Cargo Tote

I was first introduced to Cheeky Green Totes during FOCUS and really loved the different styles of the recycled totes. Cheeky Green founder- Stefanie DiBenedetto designed the trendy bags to be soft, machine- washable, foldable and multi-functional (for grocery shopping, for use in place of retail shopping bags, taking on the plane, or just carrying as a purse). The bags are also strong enough to hold 25 pounds. The company was kind enough to send me a cargo tote (in brown) to review. The tote came with a handy detachable coin purse that I can take with me to the store or gym, without the hassle of lugging a massive purse. I love that the bag is lightweight, stylish and foldable and made of 100% recyclable Tyvek™. Again, the bags come in a variety of styles and colors. For more information on the company and their mission to fight disposable culture, go to their website.

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