FASHIONARY x I.T Sketchbooks

I’d really like to thank Fashionary’s Chief Editor and Designer- Penter Yip for giving me the wonderful opportunity to review and write about this amazing tool for designers. It is a huge thrill for me to introduce to you, dear readers~ Fashionary… The Fashionary and I.T special edition collection comes in four neon colors: pink, blue, green and orange and offers 164 pages of fashion deliciousness that caters specifically for fashion designers. The first 34 pages offer helpful tools, such as: button measuring diagrams, fabric dictionary, laundry labels, calendar, pattern and flat drawings (which is useful if you need to look-up the name of a sleeve or skirt), and a huge list of fashion brands, blogs, photographers, etc. Then the last 130 pages are pages that have 400 barely-there templates for some quick sketching for that designer-on-the-go. I also love that it has a contrasting elastic bookmark to not only hold your place, but keep any loose papers from falling out of the book. It’s the cutest little sketchbook ever! It’s so light, small and portable, which makes it easy to tote around in a smaller purse. LOVVVEEEE ITTT!!! Every designer should invest in this “Fashion Bible.” Check Fashionary out here!

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