ME! Bath "Lavender Lullaby" Bath Ice Cream

My first encounter with the ME! Bath brand was when I was retouching their photos for work. They paired their products with things that relate to that scent (for example: the chocolate body wash has thick chocolate syrup running down the side of the bottle). This immediately caught my attention and I contacted the brand; who were kind enough to send me the Lavender Lullaby Bath Ice Cream. When I received the package, I could even smell the calming lavender aroma through the cardboard box! The packaging is simple, yet I noticed each scent had it’s own saying on the back of the packaging. The Lavender Lullaby’s box states: Sleep comes to some quickly. For the rest of us, there is nothing more relaxing than the dreamy soft smell of lavender. As you soak away layer after layer of stress, feel the comforting sensation of your eyes drifting as you enter wonderland…

I didn’t want to use the bath soak right away, because (and I can’t stress this enough) it smells SO GOOD! Every time I took a big whiff, I felt so calm. When I finally did use it in the bathtub, it fizzed, turning the water purple. It took several minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve and after my bath, my skin was smooth (from the Jojoba oil) and smelled of the lavender. I have so much faith and love of this product, that I am determined to try EVERYTHING! I want to personally thank the founders- Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff for making such an amazing product!

Definitely check out their website! And follow ME! Bath on Facebook and Twitter!

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