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Chiqui Beaute Facial Masks
Alex and Ani's "Lifetime of Luck" Bracelets on
Ruffle Dress and Cuff by Lisa Michelle Collection

Chiqui Beaute Facial Masks

I first read about the beauty brand, Chiqui Beaute through the Vital Juice Los Angeles newsletter and I wanted more information. So, the lovely Chavonne sent over samples of their best-selling facial masks. Below, you will find the three masks with a description of ingredients and how it works for the skin, and then my review of the product.

“Spa Glacial Mud Purifying Mask” –  Rich in minerals, Vitamins and Anti-aging essentials… How does it work for your skin? a.) Absorbs all impurities for great skin exfoliation. b.) Deep pore cleansing and oil secretion reduction. c.) Helps balance skin pH and improves the texture, elasticity and hydration in the skin. d.) Recharges the circulation of the skin and detoxifies the skin.

I have sensitive skin. So I was somewhat hesitant to put the mask on…. but after applying the creamy charcoal grey substance (that is paraben-free) to my face…I noticed that it cooled and soothed the skin, rather then burning it. I adhered to the directions- leaving it on for about 15-20 minutes, before taking it off with a hot towel. My skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated after.

“Citrus Happy- Hydrating Facial Mask” – Essential Ingredients: moist-24, extracted from the roots of Australian Imperata Cylindrica herb. Orange Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Cucumber Extract, Tea Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Lierre Extract and Scutellaria Root Extract. How does it work for your skin? a.) Promotes the skin elasticity and texture. b.) Provides 24-hour long lasting moisture and natural radiance look to the skin. c.) Restores balance to dry or oily skin. d.) Promotes the production of collagen. e.) Reduces puffiness and improves dry wrinkles skin. f.) Aids the release of toxins by increasing perspiration. g.) The citrusy fragrance in this mask refreshes the skin as well as relaxing the physical and emotional tension.

This mask is made from thin paper and due to it being super moist from the soapy-feel and oils, it was a little hard to unravel at first. Once the mask is on the face, make sure that it’s pressed securely against the face, especially the area around the eyes and mouth. It managed to stay on when I was gallivanting around the house, but did experience minor slippage around the mouth. After 20 minutes, I took off the mask and rinsed my face with warm water and patted dry. After, my skin felt refreshed and smooth.

“Youth Restore Lightening Mud Mask”- Plant-derived Alpha-Arbutin with anti-inflammatory Cucumber Extract and Rose Extract. How does it work for your skin? a.) Promotes skin lightening by blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis. b.) Minimizes skin depigmentation to an even skin tone in a more effective and safer approach than any other lightening agents. c.) Helps repair skin damages from free radicals. d.) Smooths out fine lines and restores collagen. e.) Provides calm and soothing sensation.

This mask takes on a creamy white hue and is a lighter substance. It doesn’t burn when I applied it to my face and I immediately felt a cooling sensation along with a sense of calm. After 20 minutes, I took it off with warm water. My skin had a youthful glow and of course was smooth to the touch.

Chiqui Beaute is available online. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Alex and Ani's "Lifetime of Luck" Bracelets on

I was recently gifted the “Lifetime of Luck” bracelets by Alex and Ani from the popular site, The eco-friendly bangles came in a set of seven. Each bangle (made of Russian Gold over recycled metals in my case) adjusts to fit any wrist-size. Five of the bangles are simple, while the other two bangles have either a ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Tree of Life’ charm as well as a charm that bears the Alex and Ani namesake and the ‘recycle’ symbol. The bangles add flair to about any outfit, whether you choose to dress up or down. is offering LAfashionsnob readers a coupon for $10 off any order over $50 (expires end of November)…. just enter the code: LAfashionsnob at checkout. (I would suggest one of the inspiring and uplifting Alex and Ani pieces, which can be found here.

For more info about the Alex and Ani brand in general, click here.

Ruffle Dress and Cuff by Lisa Michelle Collection

I was recently gifted a vintage-inspired cuff with stones and zippered ruffle trim and a sleeveless tiered ruffle dress by the Lisa Michelle Collection. The dress fit beautifully and is made/and lined of silk charmeuse. The inner lining hugs the body at the right places, allowing the silhouette to look classic without looking loose. I chose to wear my dress with Michael Antonio wedge booties, which gave it a more playful look.

Lisa Michelle is now offering a discount for all my readers!! Use code, FashionsnobLA to get 20% off your order on her online store.

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