Paqit Towelettes

Wow! As soon as I opened the small package containing the moist towelette, a sweet smell of bergamot wafted through the air. I realized that this is anything but a moist towelette. The Bergamot towelette covers the body and hands, while the Japanese Yuzu refreshes the face and neck. Both scents were citrusy. The Bergamot had a more rich, sweet orange scent, while the Yuzu had a soft citrus mixed with a little grapefruit. Once my skin dried, it felt smooth, clean and refreshed. These towelettes are perfect for someone who is always on-the-go. This product is extremely environmentally friendly, using sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials and using natural ingredients like: aloe vera, seaweed extract, ginkgo biloba, fruit extracts, vitamin E and pure essential oils. Paqit is available in three sets: a package of eight towelettes, a package of eight towelettes that includes a Paqitbook and a small zippered carrying case and lastly, a package of twenty-four. Prices range from $10-27.

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