'Tailored Cheek Tint' & 'Illuminating Face Base' by The Body Shop

I was delighted when the folks at The Body Shop sent over the ‘Illuminating Face Base’ and ‘Tailored Cheek Tint’ for me to review. The products are part of their eco-friendly line, “Brush with Fashion. The ‘Illuminating Face Base comes in a .50 US fl oz tube with a built-in brush. You have to twist the tube in order for the apricot-colored liquid to push its way into the brush. Then you just brush your face, dapping it with your fingers or sponge to blend in. You can use it alone, in place of your make-up. Please note, for those of you with problem skin (like myself), this is NOT a concealer. It does do a great job in brightening your face and helping to cover up problem spots. The ‘Tailored Cheek Tint’ comes in a .33 US fl oz tube, also with a built-in brush. This will most likely take the place of my blush. When you squeeze the tube, the liquid (though clear-colored)comes through the middle of the brush, turning it pink. You can either brush it on your cheeks and then dab, or like I did, just dab it on my cheeks. Though if you do that, you may experience a brief staining of your finger…but don’t worry, with just a few washes with a little soap and water, it’ll be gone. To read more about the “Brush with Fashion” line, go here.

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