"Thompson" High Heel Open-Toe Bootie in Black by Report Signature

I would personally like to thank Art Abenoza of Report Shoes and Steve Corcoran of Isis PR Agency, who reps DNA Footwear for gifting me the “Thompson” high heel open-toe bootie in black. DNA Footwear offers all the latest brands of shoes, including Report and Matiko. I recently tested out the leather and suede booties with 4 3/4 heels at my employer’s holiday company party, paired with one of my designs. They fit perfectly and I felt no slippage, however, I must be blunt, there was no traction on the front soles, which caused me to be more cautious while walking (and that I still have a hard time walking in heels to begin with). But other than that, I found no flaw. I felt regal and poised while wearing them. The curvature of the platform allowed for less pressure of my front sole, thus allowing for reasonable comfort while standing or walking for a prolonged period of time. Check out the shoe on DNA Footwear here.

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