Accessories by Abiye

Accessories by Abiye is still a “newbie” to hit UK’s fashion and accessories scene, having launched in December of 2012. This creative brand was founded by Nigerian-born Abiye-Yvonne Dede, who then moved to the UK to pursue her studies in cancer immunology at Nottingham Trent University. While she’s not busy earning her PhD, she is hard at work, handcrafting unique accessories that are inspired by African prints, bold colors and the latest trends. Abiye has always had a knack for design and started out by making accessories for herself and her friends after recognizing that people needed to have matching accessories for their Ankara (African print fabric) outfits. According to Abiye, the key to her personal style is accessorizing, “I love the way accessories can transform any basic outfit and accessorizing is a key element of my personal style. I wanted to make accessories that were bold, sophisticated and feminine – accessories that although were inspired Africa and African prints, could be worn with any basic outfit, to create an African-meets-Western look.” All the accessories are lovingly handmade by Abiye herself and bases her success on customizable orders. Each item is accommodated to fit you needs, whether it be for work, play or special occasion. If you’d like a new fun bangle or another accessory that’s customized to suit your needs, check out her WEBSITE today!

**All images used with permission from Accessories by Abiye**

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