Alter Ego Jewelry by Erika Walton

All you Superhero, Mattel, Disney and Warner Bros. fans rejoice! Burbank-based jewelry brand, Alter Ego by Erika Walton is your dream come true! This very funky and kitsch line has been seen on the likes of Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila, Cisco Adler, several Japanese celebrities and Korean band- Big Bang. I had the pleasure of meeting the designer, Erika Walton at her studio. She is such an awesome girl with a fun down-to-earth personality (which is a perfect match for her quirky line). Back when she was fifteen, while babysitting, she was playing with beads and toy cars, and it came to her- a car bracelet. It took her a week to make one that didn’t fall apart. After that, she branched out into making bracelets and necklaces made from semi-precious stones, beads, charms and recycled toys from the 1950s-1990s. She attended her first trade show- MAGIC- when she was seventeen. During that time, she received a lot of press and celebrity attention. Now, at present time, she has two lines: Erika Walton, a simpler line that is licensed with Warner Bros. and is made in LA. Then Alter Ego by Erika Walton, which is more high-end and handmade by Erika herself. She is also collaborating with Comme des Garcons on the “Black Collection.” Just recently she also explained that she just started making toys and having a line being made locally, in hopes to help boost the economy (as she is a fan on being green). Erika isn’t inspired by any jewelry designers, but rather, finds inspiration in the little things, such as: candy, nature, glitter, sequins and when she sees people laughing and smiling. You can tell this girl puts a lot of passion and heart into her work. Her pricing varies, depending on the line… The Superheros go for $65-90, the Looney Tunes for $150 and bracelets are around $140. The Alter Ego bracelets go for $80-150, necklaces for $200-600. The Comme des Garcons pieces can go from $500-1000. Her famous car bracelets are $60. For more information on the lines and to shop, check out the website!

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