Anara Original Cocktail Ring

Huge thanks for the ladies at the Delaware-based brand Anara Original for sending me one of their cute cocktail rings to review. Anara Originals was founded in 2002 by Sara Crawford, who’s goal was to create vintage-inspired and urban couture for both men and women. Sara graduated with a B.A. from the International Academy of Design and Technology in under three years and is a testimonial that being somewhat visually impaired has not stood in the way of her goals. After working with such names as Tommy Hilfiger and H&M, Sara decided to create her own brand that was an expression of who she was. The name ‘Anara’ is derived from ‘Sara’ and her middle name ‘Ann.’ She has a knack for turning ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of wearable art. For example, the ring that I know have. It’s apart of the ‘Button Ring and Brooch Collection.’ Inspired by a box of buttons that belonged to her Grandmother, Sara clusters buttons and brooches of all shapes and sizes and creates lovely masterpieces to wear on your fingers. The vintage-inspired collection is made with love and her Grandmother’s amazing style in mind. I love little chunky button ring! It’s oversize and has an adjustable band. When I wear it, I try to style my wardrobe around the color of one button each time, so it’s not too overbearing. The ring is a statement piece after all! For more information, check out and their cool blog, The Trendsetter, which has inspiration and pictures of new inventory.

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