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While I was checking out The Ultimate Dressing Room one afternoon, my eyes landed on a display of oversized (width-wise) clutches. I then learned that the clutches were handcrafted by local Houston designer- Jalissa Williams of the brand Awdz & Nz. After sitting down and meeting the lovely Jalissa, I was informed she had no formal training in design, although, due to her background in dance, she was required to create a custom piece or costume. So along with being creative in creating garments with a certain theme or character and having a few years of retail experience (in various positions), her love and appreciation of the fashion design industry grew. Her Mother- Gwendolyn and Grandmother-Thelma (who had backgrounds in fashion design) also helped her decision to launch her company. March 29th 2012 will always be recognized as Jalissa’s most memorable days because she officially launched Awdz & Nz…and it also happened to be her Father’s birthday. She chose the company’s unique name because she loves creating most of her signature clutches, apparel and accessories from odds and ends that she has available; as well as loving to dabble in the different spellings and plays on words. What’s really distinctive about Awdz & Nz is that each creation that she hand-makes is one-of-a-kind and has it’s own individual characteristics. “I want my clients to experience a fashion journey made just as special as their DNA.” Along with the overly-wide clutches (that EVERY gal needs in her closet), Awdz & Nz also offers cute infinity scarves that come in a variety of colors and that can be styled numerous ways, jewelry, red carpet worthy denim gowns and other fashionable pieces to complete your ensemble. Expect to pay around $50-150, just depending on what pieces you are interested in. If you’d like to reach Jalissa for a custom order or additional questions about the brand, you can reach her at: (832)640-9766. Her email is: She is also on Facebook and Instagram. Just FYI- If you are local to the Houston area, Jalissa recently launched weekly hip-hop aerobics classes at $10/class (teens and adults). Classes last one hour long. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few classes and yes, you do ‘feel the burn’ and your body may hurt the next day…but I do notice a (good) difference. For more information, email: #HealthIsWealth

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