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I honestly can’t tell how strong the power of social media can be. I e-met the lovely Darylynn Ayala of New York City-based Darylynn Eyewear through instagram. When I saw her pictures of her oversized ‘Old Hollywood glamor’ sunglasses, I was hooked and just had to reach out to her to learn more about the brand. Darylynn recently launched the brand October 2012 during the Silmo Optical trade show in Paris. For the moment, four different styles of sunglasses are in the collection and are available in a few different colorways each. Each style captures the essence of vintage glamor and my brain immediately drew to the 50s through 70s eras, where famous women such as Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Farah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn and Elizabeth Taylor hid behind massive frames. From a young age, Ayala was a huge fan of the Turner Classic Movie channel and at thirteen, she read her first Vogue and saw her first Old Hollywood film- ‘Divorce of Lady X.’ From then on, she was hooked and spent most of her time researching Old Hollywood starlets, jazz and clothing, thus setting her sights on her new endeavor in design. The lens silhouettes are inspired by vintage shapes, yet Ayala says that the metal detail on the temple of the sunglasses are what gives the collection their unique and fresh style. One of the interesting things Darylynn offers on her website is the short film that she wrote called ‘The Mystery Man,’ which is her way of expressing her love for fashion and everything vintage. Here is an excerpt from the first draft: He’s a mystery man, some say he’s well traveled, goes by the name of Daryl. For years he’s been followed, but his past, hard to unravel. A craftsman’s hand he has, it’s from another time. The frames are like magic, so divine. These creations of his, leaves everyone stumped. Elements of vintage influence, yet fresh. They transform your way of dress. Once the frames caress your face, a spirit of a flapper races through one’s mind. Her flirting, her playful laughter, adventure is what she’s after. What is it about these frames that bring such excitement? Such a sexy sense of danger; all created by this stranger? Legend has it if you wear his frames with grace, he will appear, spying on you with a smile so soft across his face. Taking inventory of the joy he brings & leaving inspired to create more gems. Such a sweet little twist to a sweet brand, eh? I got to play with a sample of each style and while they all are just darling and overpower my face in the best way possible, I’d have to say that my favorite styles are the “Bugsy” and “Siren Sabine.” So loves, be sure to check out Darylynn.com. What are your favorite styles?

**Photos by Loghry Photography, shot on location at Cupprimo cupcake/coffee shop in Austin**

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