De Lacy Collection

What first captured my eye regarding De Lacy Collection were the abstract stripes and leopard print from their Holiday collection. I’m obsessed with stripes, especially on chiffon and on a hi-low silhouette. I was able to check out more of the collection in their New Mart showroom during this last LA Market and was really impressed at the wearability of the pieces. You can mix ‘n match simple (more mature) pieces with sequins and faux furs. De Lacy was launched in 2009 by Bridgette De Lacy, with that concept that “nothing in your closet has an expiration date.” The brand believes in the versatility of its consumer, in that teenagers and women up to their 40s and 50s can wear the brand. This is one collection that I’d love a piece of everything because it has everything from a loose, worn-looking tee, pleated chiffon skirts or dresses that could be worn during the day and can be snazzed up with just the right amount of accessories. When shopping for versatile garments, check out De Lacy Collection– where versatility is the name-of-the-game.

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