DECADES: A Century of Fashion by Cameron Silver (Book Review)

I had recently learned that Cameron Silver, co-owner of the highly famous vintage store Decades-located in Los Angeles, had just published a book on vintage fashion. So it was IMPERATIVE that I (a lover of vintage and all things…fashion) get a copy and delve into the exciting world of vintage. The hardbound book is rather large, but I was still able to stuff it into my “Other Bag by Aldo.” The cover immediately grabs my attention, as it is a close-up shot of high-end vintage designer gowns in a rainbow of colors. The book starts off by Silver talking about his background and then his transition into launching Decades. Then the book goes into detail in multiple eras, starting with the 1900s and ends at the ‘Decades’ decade, which is the 2000s. I love how the Silver really goes into detail through the eras, explaining about the clothing (like the corsets, hobble skirts, the construction…). He also shares stories of some of the notable people (such as designers and celebrities) in the eras and their roles in the history of costume. The book includes stunning photographs and detail shots, from Silver’s vintage collection to photos of eras gone by that have never been seen before. I spend at least a good few minutes or so on each page, reading and studying the photos…because well…it’s captivating and the photos provide a glimpse into a world where getting dressed meant looking polished…It was a daily ‘event’ {if you will} for some people to dress into two or three outfits daily. I could probably go on and on… This book is visually inspiring for designers and folks who are fascinated with vintage, especially vintage that looks modern. It’s definitely a ‘fashion bible’ and tool for honing your knowledge on the ten eras of fashion spanning the 20th Century. If you do get the chance to purchase this wonderful book, I suggest you jump on it. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Huge thanks to Cameron Silver for publishing this amazing treasure! I will treasure it for years to come. Also, thank you Bloomsbury Books for sending over a copy for my review.

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