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My friends over at a local PR company introduced me to this great jewelry line called Elephant Heart recently. I took a look at the website and saw that a.) the company and designer pride themselves on social responsibility and b.) the collections are fun and unique. I received some samples to play with and I must say, the pictures on the website do not do the actual products justice. I was very impressed with the quality of the pieces. Two of the pieces that were included were a lips necklace and ring from the Supernatural Collection- fun, sculpted lips on necklaces, rings and cufflinks (perfect for Valentine’s Day!) What’s even cooler, is that the lips are handcasted from real lips right here in Los Angeles. One of my other favorite pieces include a necklace with a gorgeous amethyst pendant. Let me now introduce you to the designer- Elyse Graham, who is also a sculptor. She went to Otis College of Art and Design for jewelry design while still in high school, and then went on to Brown University. She created the name “Elephant Heart” for her jewelry line because she loves elephant heart plums. The concept that they are simple on the outside and are a deep red, sweet and delicious on the inside is what drew her to this name. “This concept fit perfectly with my desire to have more than just a business. The idea of going deeper—what’s inside is what matters—having a good, giving and big heart is what is most important to me.” She explained. “The spirit of Elephant Heart is to ‘open our hearts and making a positive difference in the world.'” The entire line consists of 170 pieces and two primary collections: The Classic Collection by Elephant Heart and Supernatural Collection. The Classic Collection is more higher-end, with 14k gold-fill and semi-precious stones; whereas, the Supernatural Collection (and Kiss Collection) boast a more funky take of wearable art (that is very lightweight and comfortable to wear). It combines her skills of jewelry making and sculpting (such as the lips rings and necklaces). As I mentioned before, one of the cool things about this brand is their commitment to giving back to the community. That’s one of the many things that sets the company apart, along with great jewelry that has been worn on big names like Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez, just to name a few. Elyse also had a great mentor to guide her since the conception of the brand. She goes on to add, “my greatest goal, professionally as well as personally, is to be able to pass what I have learned on to others—to be a mentor myself and to help others realize that sometimes small gestures of kindness can have the biggest impacts.” With that being said, Elephant Heart is involved in two community projects: 32nd Street School and the EH Charm Necklace Project. EH offers two sets of greeting cards which feature original artwork from the students of that LA-based school. 100% of the proceeds go to promote art education and bring in art supplies. The school has already received over $2,000 from Elephant Heart. The EH Charm Necklace Project is that the brand has partnered with the Bob Woodruff Foundation- which provides resources for injured service members and their families. The project began last year in November until Christmas Day and 50% of the proceeds of the charm necklace went to the foundation. In the end, Elephant Heart presented the foundation with a $7,200 check. So now you know that when you purchase a piece of jewelry from EH, you know that you are contributing to a good cause. Prices for the line range from: $78-$320 for necklaces, $48-$148 for earrings and $68-$148 for bracelets. Elephant Heart can be found at Roseark’s gallery-like locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, Fifth Floor Gallery in Chinatown, GREY AREA in NYC and of course on the website.

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