Gasoline Glamour's "Candyland" Collection

I happened upon the ‘candied happiness’ when I was reading an e-newsletter from the Chic Little Devil Style House. I immediately contacted them to view and get to know more about the collection. I tell you, the pictures don’t do the products justice… Just being able to try-on, touch and actually see them was awesome and overwhelming (overwhelming in a good way of course). Shannon-the designer for Gasoline Glamour utilized everything from candy, lollipops to spikes, jewels and Christmas ornaments; when she was commissioned to do the “Candyland” collection for Katy Perry. The collection was done in 72 hours. As for the rest of her collections in general, she finds inspiration through random things in her house, images in her head, anything she can get her hands on or sparks her interest…”Creativity is not something you can bottle. Like swagger, you either have it or you don’t,” she states. Gasoline Glamour is sold in boutiques around the globe and online. For more information, contact or

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