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It is estimated that more than 800,000 people are trafficked every year, adding to the figure of 12.3 million people around the world presently living in slavery. Dear readers, I am pleased to introduce another highly exceptional jewelry company that is helping to end human trafficking- iSanctuary. iSantucary (International Sanctuary) is a jewelry company that rescues, rehabilitates and employs survivors of human trafficking in India and Orange County; while giving them 100% above Fair Trade wages. Founder Stephanie Pollaro realized her calling while flipping through the pages of Marie Claire and stumbling upon an article pertaining to human slavery. It was on her second church trip to India when she met Wendy Dailey (who now oversees the company’s operation here in the States, while Stephanie is in Mumbai). Since the company’s launch in 2007, iSanctuary has provided over 200 women with employment through their amazing program, which you can find out more information here. The brand offers a marvelous selection of jewelry and some lifestyle products all at wallet-friendly price points. They also work with artisans and collab with other brands, such as Sari Bari- a brand (also known for helping survivors of human trafficking) who makes products out of recycled Indian saris. Some of my favorite pieces from the brand are: the Infinity necklace in gold, the Barbed Wire bracelet, the Peacock Cuff and the Sunbeams Ochre necklace. To find out more about how you can help (shopping for the cause or volunteering, etc) go to

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