Isobel + Ezra Jewelry

Isobel + Ezra is a jewelry line based in Austin and I happened upon the line while visiting another jewelry designer- Margot Wolf, who shared the same studio space. I admired the stackable and oversize stone rings, simple beaded and delicate bracelets and necklaces. The designer- Isabel B. had worked at a local boutique that carried handmade jewelry. After always admiring the workmanship of a hammered ring or bracelet, she became more interested in the the process of making and designing jewelry; and took it upon herself to learn the art. She has been hooked ever since and launched Isobel + Ezra in early 2011. She will be producing a mens line in the future (which is the Ezra part of Isobel + Ezra). Her prices range from an affordable $30-128 and she also plans on expanding to gems and precious metals. For more information on Isobel + Ezra, check out her website.

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