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While I was visiting LA, I had the opportunity to visit J+Co, a new division of JNCO, a brand that is solely based in Los Angeles. You 80s/90s babies might remember the brand- JNCO (pronounced “jenco”) that was usually sold at Gadzooks, JC Pennney, etc? To give you a brief history lesson on the brand, they were founded in 1985 by Milo and Jacques Revah and based their mission statement on the acronym, “Judge None, Choose One.” Back then, JNCO was strictly a menswear denim line that focused on urban, hip-hop, skater inspired street wear. The popular style was ultra wide-leg (like more than 50″ wide) with large back pockets and graffiti-inspired artwork (such as the signature JNCO crown). Though of course more conservative styles were sold as well. They just recently re-launched into J+Co, geared towards the trendy, hip 20-something girl who “fearlessly lives in the moment expressing who she is without reservation. She pushes life to the limit and is inspired by every moment.” I really enjoyed touring their headquarters and being able to try on the many different styles. Who would’ve thought a skinny jean with a cute attached peplum would ever look so unique and chic? J+Co takes street wear to another level, though while still hinting at it’s over-the-top past as JNCO, they still maintain subtlety while still making a statement. The collection retails from $48- 168. Be sure to check out their new website HERE.

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