Jill Pineda Bow Ties

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jill Pineda during an event one evening and I learned that she had her own accessories company- Jill Pineda. The just recently launched company specializes in fabulous bow tie that look great on both sexes. The website also features some clothing, handbags and accessories. Jill also includes helpful “How-to” videos and offers three different ways to style the clothing. Jill knew that menswear was making a comeback and has always wanted to wear bow ties, but unfortunately, has been unsuccessful in finding just the right styles to fit her small neck. So she just started making her own and so far, has gotten a heaping amount of great feedback. Her best-sellers have been the black faux leather bow tie and black spikey bow tie. Her personal favorite is the silver studded black bow tie. Ms. Jill also has a celebrity following…I’m sure you have heard of the Kardashian sisters- Kim and Kourtney? Also, Blair Taylor, a member of the brand- Speakers has been seen wearing her gold studded tie. And now, yours truly, is a huge fan of the line. I am honored that Jill gave me one of her black faux leather bow ties to wear and accessorize accordingly. You can wear the ties with practically about anything and they come in a variety of colors, styles and different fabrics. All bows are made in Los Angeles. Check out Jill Pineda today!

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