'LOVE Strapless Asymmetrical Chiffon Dress' by In Love with Fashion

I am “in love” with my lovely navy, strapless asymmetrical chiffon dress, courtesy of the hip British brand- In Love with Fashion! The brand is showcased in Topshop, as well as online. They have a variety of the sheer chiffon garments and the girliest of dresses. In Love with Fashion is among the brands favored by a large amount of British celebrities as well. I can see why, as my garment is made from high-quality fabrics and looks great styled up or down. I wore a vintage multi-colored knit vest, tights and heels the first time I wore it out. The dress was semi-sheer, so I wore a navy slip underneath and had no problem. The high-low skirt just flows, though I definitely recommend wearing only with heels, as I had to wear with sandals (because I couldn’t stand walking in heels after several hours) and I noticed the skirt getting caught sometimes when I walked. But nevertheless, it’s worth it! All in the name of fashion! Definitely do yourselves a favor and check out In Love with Fashion!

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