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I recently had the opportunity to check out a new accessory brand that is based in Northern California- Marissa del Rosario. Marissa is the designer behind her namesake brand and began her journey about twelve years ago, while she was still an O.R. nurse. By day, she was busy taking care of patients in the O.R., but in the evening her focus was taking design and apparel courses. She initially first concentrated on designing handbags but after tinkering with some pieces of leather, rivets and metal links, her concentration shifted over to jewelry and accessories. Marissa launched her company late 2007 and launched her handbags in August 2008. However, after three collections, she refocused on her true passion- jewelry and accessories and has been doing that ever since. Her best-selling items have been the Gen-X Bracelets (since their launch in 2011 at a Hollywood event) and are a hit with celebrities (such as Grammy winner Billy Idol songwriter, guitarist Steve Stevens and fellow rocker Billy Morrison). To this day, Marissa holds true to her company’s tag line: Be Your Original. “I am committed to designing pieces that are unique to every wearer. With over 30 colors and two metal tones to mix and match with, the Gen X is customizable to a client’s choice of combination. In fact, we have a “made to order” format where a client can pick any color she or he wants from our website. The product itself is different. The Gen X have a bold, strong feminine feel with a rock and roll style to it. It’s also versatile; men like them in black or brown hues. The bracelet has evolved into a unisex jewelry piece so much so that the (Gen) X is for XX and XY alike,” del Rosario stated. This “made in the USA” brand is now available in over a hundred fashion-forward boutiques and retailers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Australia. Prices range from around $32- 150. Marissa del Rosario is VERY active on social media, so be sure to check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Marissa was kind enough to send me a bracelet of my choosing and I chose the “Crystal Link Bracelet” in Merlot. The bracelet is exquisitely crafted with high-quality leather and metals. The bracelet has a snap closure and bears the name Marissa del Rosario on the inside of each link. Below is a slideshow of one way I styled it, as well as some close-ups of the bracelet. I must say that any of the MDR bracelets are great additions to anyone’s “armparty!”

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

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