"MICA" Clutch by Michael Stervinou

I was honored when Parisian artist- Michael Stervinou reached out to me to tell me about his new venture in hand-painted clutches. He started dabbling in the new accessories line in the beginning of 2012. What inspired him were the women who carry the bags and how much they pay attention to the bag, as well as their emotional attachment with it. Stervinou goes on to explain, “It finishes the garment you’re wearing. It’s chic and elegant. Shoes and clutch… envelope bags are the most elegant for me. When you see this accessory it’s usually the same design, most of the time, even if it’s beautiful and well designed, it’s the same. As a painter, it came naturally to me to design it with acrylic paint and make a unique piece. Like having an art piece in your hand when you go out. How elegant!” His design process is rather quite simple. He buys a classic bag and then adds his own personal touch to it. My bag, for example, he applied purple, pink and silver paint to the silk flap of the bag and then finished it off with varnish gloss to keep the colors intense and to protect the paint. The price of the MICA clutch retails for $255. For more information and to order your own handbag, go here.

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