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I had the pleasure of meeting jewelry designer, Natalie Sadigh at my monthly Two Point Oh LA “Blogger Cafe.” Her pieces were very exquisite and delicate and immediately caught my attention. She started her line, Nana Bijou Jewelry in 2000 while studying at GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The name, “Nana Bijou” originated from when her younger brother was a toddler. He had a tough time pronouncing her name, Natalie; so he said, “Na-na-Na,” which has stuck with her over the years. She just recently found out that “Nana” means: “chic” (French street slang for ‘girl’.) Bijou is her mother’s name and means, “jewelry” in French. Natalie finds inspiration from her mother, Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, nature, and the LA architecture just to name a few. She is not only business-savvy (having followed her parents wishes and went to business school) but is extremely crafty in the fashion and jewelry industries. She works with anything she can get her hands on, turning it red carpet-worthy jewelry. She’s known for her lariats, chunky necklaces, elaborate earrings and especially her attention to detail. Each necklace comes with two little tags: one is a Hamsa, for protection and the second is a heart inscribed with a quote- “Made with love.” Prices for the pieces vary depending on materials. It could be anywhere from $40 (for a pair of earrings) to $3,000 (for a more elaborate necklace). But the average necklace prices are from $100-500. I will leave you with an inspiring quote from Natalie: “…I guess you could say I’m walking proof for all the youngsters out there of how important it is for everyone to be sure and DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!! Because ultimately, that’s the only way one can truly be successful.”

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