(Sponsored) Misses Dressy- Your Guide to Dresses for Every Occasion

Boy, I wish that during my high school years the internet was more prominent. Especially when it was time to choose my homecoming and prom dress. Sure, I like the experience of going into the department store with my Mom and physically trying on the dress, but it would be nice to have that extra option of going online and choosing the dress. Growing up in a smaller city, it would help eliminate the chance of showing up to the dance in the same dress. (Yes- that did happen to me.) Well, fast-forward to the present day, where internet basically rules the airwaves and let me introduce- MissesDressy.com. This easy to navigate site is your one-stop-shop for prom dresses, homecoming, wedding, etc. Along with thousands of gorgeous dresses from numerous designers in a variety of sizes, they also offer lingerie, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Prices vary, but for the most part, can fit into every budget. Be sure to check out MissesDressy.com for your next big event!

Please Note: I was compensated for this post, however, ALL opinions are my own. The slideshow below consists of my picks for the some of the best dresses.

**These images were used with permission from MissesDressy.com**

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