(Sponsored) On My Eco-Radar: Austin Yarn Company

We are living in a time where its almost second nature to buy environmentally (or ‘eco’) friendly products…whether it be apparel, accessories, home decor or cleaning products. It is becoming clearer that by using eco-friendly products, we are not only helping the environment (obviously), but we are also helping ourselves as well. Eco products take less processing to make them, and by ‘processing’ I mean using harmful chemicals that could eventually become harmful to our bodies {and environment}. And who on earth wants that?! Over the years, I have found that since cutting off meat from my diet and wearing some eco-friendly garments, my livelihood has become somewhat easier. I love wearing clothes and accessories that are not only unique, but made locally and with comfy fabrics (cause after all, ‘comfort is key’)! So, with that being said, I was incredibly lucky to have been recently introduced to Austin Yarn Company, an eco-friendly handbag line with panache. In April 2008, owner and designer- Cathie Hutchins founded the AYC label, after having just won the “Eco Style” award during the Texas Next Top Designer competition back in 2007. But after suffering some setbacks, she launched the 2008 collection in 2009, which received a lot of positive feedback. When I met up with Cathie recently, she showed me the collection of wonderfully cute woolen handbags and ‘technology accessories.’ You are probably wondering why is AYC eco-friendly? They are using wool from sheep… Well, yes… BUT… AYC is eco-friendly and sustainable for two reasons: one, they use organic yarn to make their AYCwoolâ„¢. The other reason is that they get the wool from ranchers who give their sheep the highest quality of care, in which none of them are harmed during the fleece-collecting process. Ok, so the bags are eco-friendly and they are locally made right here in Austin- perfect! Did I also mention that said eco bags made from the highest quality fabrics and still won’t break the bank?! The bags are featured in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from a small clutch to a messenger bag and vary in price from $7 for a pet toy to $72 for a crossbody bag. If you are looking for a durable, yet chic case for your tablet and such, do yourself a favor and buy one from AYC. One of the first things I noticed when Cathie showed me the collection was not only the attention to detail in the stitching, but the durability of the casing. If you accidentally drop your iPad, but it’s encased in that fine AYCwoolâ„¢, chances are that nothing would get broken. If you’re looking for a statement evening bag for your next event, check out the Alexis clutch, which comes in small and large and numerous color choices; or the Evelyn, it’s like ‘Hello Kitty,’ but more grown-up and sophisticated. The Evelyn is a bag that be carried by a ten-year-old or a fifty-year-old and is also available in numerous colors. Other crowd-pleasing bags include Bob and John , both crossbody bags. So, now that you have the lo-down on this fantastic company, why not go check them out?! Check out their website, “LIKE” them on Facebook and “FOLLOW” on Twitter @austinyarnco and @americanmadeeco. Be sure to follow the conversation using hashtag: #USmadeECO.

**Please Note: I was compensated in return for the article, however, all opinions are my own.**

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