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Every time I look on Facebook, I notice that at least one of my friends is getting either engaged or married. I’m not embarrassed to say that Mr. LAFashionsnob has not “popped the question” yet, but I figured I might as well start tinkering around different ring-shopping sites to pick out my ideal ring. While searching through numerous sites, I stumbled upon London-based 77 Diamonds, which provides clients numerous choices for just about any occasion, including loose diamonds. 77 Diamonds also claims to be up to 75% cheaper than the higher-end department stores and they also offer a 30-day full refund guarantee. The site is easy to navigate and you are free to choose your country of origin and your preferred currency. I first started browsing the engagement rings. Now, me being a huge vintage fanatic, I immediately turned to the “Vintage Collection,” which offered rings that were inspired by various decades. After playing with the features that allowed me to choose the style, band color, diamond cut, etc.; I ended up choosing the “Medici” style in platinum. Once I was set on my engagement ring, I moved on to wedding rings. There were two categories: ‘Classic’ and ‘Diamond’… and since I’m not a flashy gal (as far as diamonds are concerned) I’ve decided to stick with the ‘Classic.’ After careful consideration on the many options on the sizing and color, I went with the ‘Traditional’ in platinum, which I’m sure Mr.LAFashionsnob would be pleased with as well. I’d have to say that 77 Diamonds is a great place to ring shop if you are on a budget or just looking save money on timeless jewelry.

*NOTE: I was compensated for this post, however ALL opinions are MINE.*

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