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The lovely folks over at St. Louis-based Bakers Shoes tapped me on the shoulder to review a pair of Wildpair shoes. I chose the Brooke strappy sandal in champagne because I loved the look and of course, the platform. Ok, I know that the 6 1/2″ heels and 2 1/4″ platform make me (at 5’7″) a giant, but they are just the cutest and I love the height. The straps are made from soft fabric with enough stretch to slip your feet right through. When I’m walking in them, I’m extra cautious and I try to stay on even pavement (because let’s face it- they are SUPER HIGH). I feel that because of the higher platform, it doesn’t put as much strain to the balls of my feet as a shoe with a lower to no platform. I chose the champagne color because of its versatility. You can wear it with just about any color and dress it up or down (though when wearing pants, I would recommend a skinny pant or pant where you can roll up the cuff to show off the shoe). Be sure to check out the Brooke on Bakers.com!

I would like to thank Anna Friss of Bluebirdapparel.com for taking the great shots of me and for helping me with styling using product from Miss Ohio Vintage- an awesome boutique on Washington and 13th in downtown St. Louis!

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