The Grove Vintage Clothing and Exchange

101 N Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711
PH:(909) 625-2380

I was strolling in historic Claremont village one lovely SoCal day and found this gem of a vintage shop called, The Grove Vintage. This place has a plethora of goodies for the vintage connoisseur – from sequin dresses to 80’s floral pants, handmade rings made from vintage earrings and hand-beaded Mary Frances purses. Let’s say you’re somewhat fatigued from all the overwhelming racks of clothing, there’s a comfy sitting area with 70’s era couches and a plasma TV in the back to take a breather.
What began as a burgeoning eBay business a couple years back, has become so popular, that owner-Donna Daniel needed to open up shop in Claremont. She chose the location because she felt it would be the perfect market. It was so perfect that due to the high-demand of her vintage pieces, she also brought on two of her friends, Kim and Rhonda, to sell their vintage and jewelry on consignment. They each bring their own “eye” to the shop; Donna is into the Anthopologie style, while Kim caters more to the street wear portion and Rhonda sells her handmade rings made from vintage earrings. Having grown up in the era of shoulder pads, scrunchies and sequins; Donna is still a die-hard fan of the 80’s. Which is probably why she has such a vast collection of 80’s (and 90’s) apparel. Visitors to The Grove Vintage will find very affordable pricing, as nothing is over $30, except for maybe five percent of the merchandise (like a jacket or dress). Every visit is bound to be another shopping adventure, as she brings in new wares all the time and tries to stay true to every season and trend. I can guarantee one thing, and that is: when you visit this quaint little Claremont store, you won’t leave empty-handed!

** Please Note: They moved! Check out their new location! **

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