The Way We Wore- Los Angeles, CA

Located at:334 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3526
Ph: (323)937-0878

This treasure-trove of vintage decadence is situated on La Brea between 3rd and 4th sts in Hollywood. This year marks the sixth anniversary of the store’s opening  in 2004. Doris Raymond is the brains behind the business, having come from San Francisco and having a fond interest in clothing and accessories, as well as having two designers in the family. When buying the clothing for her store, she explains, “I always buy anything that transcends time and is classic- not in the boring traditional sense- but in the timeless sense. I never buy trends…It’s always a plus if you buy a gorgeous garment with a designer label, but I look at the integrity of the garment first. The label is secondary.” Everything in the store is priceless, well-taken-care-of and is arranged according to era. When you go in, be prepared, it’s quite overwhelming (and having a hefty budget wouldn’t hurt either) because you will find labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Pucci, Vionnet, Chanel… Her best sellers are evening and cocktail wear. Out of everything in the store, three of Doris’s favorite pieces would be metal dresses by Paco Rabanne, dress by Yves Saint Laurent for Dior and a cloche and scarf set by Sonja Delaunay.

Raymond is often referred to as “the fairy godmother of fashion inspiration,” [thanks to Alexandra Posen- Zac Posen’s sister and co-designer].Along with the boutique, Doris also opened an inspiration library right next door. This library houses old prints, textiles, clothing, purses…anything and everything you could imagine that could be helpful to a designer (especially since 1/2 her business comes from the fashion industry). “I really enjoy feeding the fire of inspiration by providing elements that spark imagination,” states Doris.

The Way We Wore is open Monday through Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6. The inspiration library is industry-only and by appointment only.

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