We Are Handsome

Thanks to fellow blogger, Jennifer for introducing me to Australian swimwear brand- We Are Handsome. The line features mens and womens suits with simple silhouettes but have bold and fun images printed on them. The brand was founded by longtime friends, Jeremy and Indhra. Indhra managed a nightclub in Sydney and also ran swimwear label-Oscar and Elvis. Jeremy was the creative director of the same nightclub. Then, after about five years, Jeremy approached Indhra with the idea that would later be “We Are Handsome.” When finding images for their collections, they go through massive piles of images and then come up with an idea. Once they have an idea, they explore the many themes and images that are affiliated with that idea. They use the highest quality elastomeric and polyester fabrics and use the process of digital sublimation that makes the images vibrant and lucid. What sets them apart from other swimwear lines? According to Jeremy,”Our debut collection was all born from the idea that we wanted to create images that you felt like you’ve seen before. The familiarity of all our prints is really important, even though you’ve never actually seen them before. We love to be able to create an emotional connection to an image and for it to bring back memories of thoughts of distant times.” When I browsed the collection at the California Market Center, I did see a couple suits with images of vintage life… Ahhh yesteryear……. The line and its signature scoop neck one-pieces are coveted by the likes of Katy Perry, Jessica Biel, M.I.A. and Tyra Banks. Prices range from $200-250 to own a piece of wearable art that’s perfect for the beach.

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