(Sponsored) Vintage with my Sneaker Wedges

When Santa Barbara-based footwear brand- Koolaburra reached out to me to try out a style from their new Spring 2013 collection, I immediately jumped at the chance. Koolaburra is originally known for their sheepskin footwear, but they have recently transitioned into doing platform wedges, stiletto heels, clogs and sandals. It was a hard decision as I scanned their lookbook for the right pair. Usually I’d be more inclined to grab the platforms…buttttt…. I was gauging more towards the sneaker wedges. I ended up choosing the PRESTON sneaker wedge because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and because I just had to see (and try out) for myself just why the sneaker wedge is so catchy.

When I received them and put them on for the first time, I concluded that they actually weren’t that bad. They are easy to fling on and go with their velcro closures and they are incredibly comfortable and I can walk in them without feeling like I have to be careful when walking in (like I do in other heels and such). As far as styling them is concerned, I (of course), wanted to step ‘outside-the-box.’ I chose to wear them with a vintage dress, clutch and necklace-as-headwear during an Austin Fashion Week event. They were comfortable and didn’t threaten to break an ankle as I had to scrunch down in the media pit to take photos during the runway show. These shoes are definitely a keeper and I’m excited to see how else I can style them for events or whatnot.

Huge thanks to the folks at Kenworks and Koolaburra!

heathermarie_033's Koolaburra album on Photobucket

**Photos by The Stylist Handbook and “Boy”**

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