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I caught up celebrity jewelry designer and one of Paris Hilton’s BFFs, Onch at a local Starbucks and chatted with him about his line, Onch Movement. Malaysian-born Onch found his niche in jewelry making while attending school for graphic design. He took leftover resin and paired it with some Tylenol pills and created his first necklace. While wearing it out, he was approached by a woman who loved the necklace and bought it off him. This then motivated him into making more necklaces out of pills, M&Ms, etc. He met up with Mika, who helped him with tips on making his jewelry better. On April 1st 2005, Onch Movement was launched. Soon after, Onch¬† appeared on Paris Hilton’s BFF, wearing pieces from his line on every show. The show brought attention and a new audience to the line. There is a major celebrity following of the Hollywood and pop culture-inspired line, like: Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, Jenna Jamesson, Brooke Hogan, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton and Beth Ditto just to name a few. His signature pieces include the pretzels, lollipops and lips. He recalls when Kate Moss wore one of his razor blade necklaces and it created a media frenzy overnight.

His current collection is called, “Monchsters” and is inspired by our world. Each of the monchsters is limited and due to pollution, becomes extinct. “Gotta save our planet to save our monchsters!” He is also currently collaborating with the Trevor Project, a LGBTQ suicide and crisis hotline, designing a necklace for them.

Prices of the necklaces range from $12.99 for a flip-O-pendent to $45 for one the famous pretzels or thousands for one of his pieces from his line with Jason of Beverly Hills. Onch Movement can be found online. He hopes to have the collections available at stores at the end of 2010. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook!

Special Thanks to Onch for the Flip-O-Pendent!

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