Celebrity Stylist- Reinaldo Irizarry

Meet celebrity stylist Reinaldo Irizarry (pronounced erie~zarie), the latest phenomenon to take the fashion scene by storm. Having started his career in the industry as a visual merchandiser for Saks Fifth Avenue and even dabbled in design, he realized that there are a lot more career paths besides design and modeling and decided to take up styling. Having a strong editorial background has given him many opportunities to style photo shoots, be a Creative Director for his online magazine, A-List International (www.alist-international.com) and has given him the chance to style the likes of American Idol’s Ayesha Mercado and Mel B of the former Spice Girls. If you walked into his office, you would probably find a vast array of magazines, European in particular, arranged alphabetically of course and you would hear about every genre of music playing on his ipod; as this inspires him to create moods, themes and looks for styling. Whether his day begins at 5AM or 9AM, a stylist’s work is never done. He is always checking emails, making phone calls to clients or designers or PR Firms, picking up clothes for shoots, attending fittings and then making returns. Current styles [or trends] he is hyped up on at the moment are harem pants (he loves the way the modern woman wears it with platform sandals) and shoulder pads. He is currently filming his own reality show, Style Protocol, which is about his fast-paced life as a stylist and his goal to get to high-profile status. The show is being produced by DJM Multimedia and help from Daniel Magro. For more info on Reinaldo, Style Protocol, and contact info, go to his website.

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