Joseph Rene- Hairstylist

Joseph Rene, known for styling hair for high-end fashion shows, celebrities , magazine shoots and now…me…that is, for Beauty Fusion Beauty Show in Pasadena, CA; where I was a last-minute model.

I arrived at Salon Sessions the day before the show, not knowing if he could take me or not. His station was already packed with clients, but he asked me to kindly wait for a few minutes and then we would talk.

Just when I thought I was probably outta luck, his assistant ushered me back to his station, where there was a free chair. Despite that he was booked, he still managed to squeeze me in and had the time to color and shape my hair for the show the very next day.

At the show….

I observed Joseph working his magic on fellow models. Three girls had curled red carpet hair, with the help of the Enzo Milano curling irons…While he inserted colored extensions in others…By the time the show was over, every girl and yes, there were a few guys looked amazing. Even during a few stressful times during the show, this man kept it professional. When a workshop location went awry, he took charge and brought the show to the main stage, which got the attention he needed. During his presentations (with a rockin ’80’s theme), he would bring each of us up and explained (or demonstrated on the Enzo Milano and extensions models) in detail what he did to our hair. In the end, he achieved yet another level of his dream and I left with a bad-ass rocker hairstyle!

SPECIAL THANKS: Salon Sessions (112 S. De Lacey Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105  Phone: 626-795-8856) , THE MODELS!, Beauty Fusion Beauty Show, Joseph Rene (contact #626-243-3123), Enzo Milano, Chenice Beverly Hills, the Jr. Stylists: Liz and Charles, the make-up artists: Lupita, Johanna and Sandra from Millenium Cosmetics (8611 California Ave. Suite B  South Gate, CA 90280 Phone:323-249-0018), Fresh and Famous Clothing and Parris Harris.

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