Matt Kaye- Designer at Bazango Creative

Bazango Creative was the name that first popped into comedian Matt Kaye’s head when thinking of names for his apparel company. He is an eco-friendly company that takes thrift and new apparel  and turns them into works of art. The idea came to him during the ten years he was a house painter, people would offer money for his paint-splattered pants…and so it went from there. He found an investor and so, this past February, Bazango Creative was born. He paints a menagerie of colors and draws Johnathan Winters-type cartoon characters on jackets, shoes, tees, pants and dresses for men and women. He can paint on most types of fabrics, except coarse materials found on sweaters; but loves working with Dickies, which holds paints well, like canvas. Matt finds inspiration while looking through Juxtapose, graffiti magazines and the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat (*1960-1988* Of the Warhol era). He is currently selling online and at Monogrammit on Robertson Blvd, but wants to ultimately sell to more boutiques. His jackets and pants go for $390.00, long sleeve shirts go for $155.00 and tees for $120.00. For more info and to purchase a one-of-a-kind Bazango creation, simply check out the brand on Facebook!

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